British young people assassinated in Manchester Arena

Last night (the 22 March) at the end of the concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester Arena, the biggest concert hall (21000 spectators) a very impressive and murderous terrorist attack took place.

The English government confirmed that it is the suicide attack which caused this big explosion. The man who caused it would have died during this attack. We also know that another man was arrested on Tuesday because he is apparently in connection with the attack and would have helped in the organization of the attack.

According to the British police, the attack made at least 22 deaths, “among which lot of children “, and about sixty wounded persons. One of the dead victims is a girl who was 8 years old.

In the afternoon the act was claimed by ISIS, via their propaganda agency “Amaq”. This attack comes later two months after the attack of the parliament of Westminster which had made five victims.

Indeed the attack is even more horrible because the public and the fans of this singer are rather a young person, for some it had to be their first concert. Many parents were expecting their children has the exit to come to get back them after the concert, which should be a moment of enjoyment and party.

A mother ” Emma Johnson ” tells what she saw at the BBC:

” We were at the top of staircases with my husband, come wait for our daughters, and the window exploded. It was near the place where they sell memories(souvenirs). All the building(ship) trembled “.

Many governments of the world showed a lot of supports for the United Kingdom and for the families of the victims.

The first person who’s send some information about this tragic event is Theresa May, the British prime minister, qualifying this attack as a dreadful terrorist attack. She also expresses her sympathy to the families of the victims.

Queen Elizabeth II qualified on Tuesday of “barbaric act”, “The whole nation was shocked, I express my most profound sympathy to all those who were affected by this terrible event, in particular to families and to the close friends of those who were killed or hurt” in this “barbaric act”, declared the queen.

In Europe, the governments were shocked about the terrorist attacks that happen in Manchester. The new prime minister of France, Edouard Philippe, qualified this terrorist attack as a coward, aiming specifically at young, very young people and at very young girls who wanted to have a good time in the enjoyment. He also sent to the English people his sadness and the solidarity of the French people.

The new French President, Emmanuel Macron, went to the United Kingdom embassy to express too his sympathy for the victims. He assured that “It’s all the Europe who had been attacked yesterday”. It’s one of his first meeting to discuss about terrorism since he is in function.

Angela Merkel, the current German chancellor said herself profoundly shocked by the events.

The Russian government and more exactly Vladimir Putin considered the terrorist attack as dreadful and proposed to the government an alliance to create an antiterrorist unit.

Donald Trump qualified too the terrorist as “looser” the terrorists and said that our societies cannot tolerate that these massacres continue, underlining that the attack of Manchester had essentially struck” innocent children “.

In the afternoon the act was claimed by ISIS, via their propaganda agency “Amaq”. This attack comes later two months after the attack of the parliament of Westminster which had made five victims.

According to organization, the attack was made with explosives and ‘one of the solder of caliphate’ took the bomb to the crowd. Isis supporters have been rejoicing in the social media after the attack and some of the messages described the attack as an act of revenge in response to air strikes in Iraq and Syria.

Prime Minister Theresa May said that the police already knows the identity of the bomber. Attack could be rather inspired than planned by Isis, BBC’s Security Correspondent Gordon Corera says.

He also points out that Isis speaks about multiply explosives, although police has mentioned only one improvised explosive device.

According to Telegraph, Isis often waits for some time after attacks to be sure that it doesn’t take the credit from an attack that was made by al-Qaeda or another jihadist group.

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