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Bas Eickhout: ”It’s time for change”

Bas Eickhout (42) is one of the lead candidates of the European Green Party. He is a member of the European Parliament for GroenLinks, the Dutch Greens.

Eickhout does not like to be classified in a certain ideology. However, he does want to do swim against the current and do things differently.

Eickhout’s main mission is the battle against climate change: “It’s time for change. I stand for a strong Europe, that has to be for the people who live and work here. A Europe that takes action against climate change. That’s the Europe I want to work for”, said Eickhout (, 2018).

Bas Eickhout gained a lot of experience and expertise over the years in climate policy through his work in the European Parliament, at multiple UN climate summits and his involvement in climate policy in the Netherlands.

Greening the economy and the socialisation of Europe are one of his most important activities on his political agenda. He also wants to implement the Paris Climate Agreement and be more meaningful for the citizens of Europe: ”For too long, Europe has been in the grip of multinationals that seek profit, growth and competition above all else. This has been at the expense of a social Europe, one that invests in people and welcomes values everyone’s participation” , said Bas Eickhout (, 2018).

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