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África Subsahariana
Ana Salado
Ana Salado: “Women are Africa’s greatest engine”

Ana Salado talks women, development and cooperation. Speaking of morally-rewarding jobs, here is hers. Madrid – Ana Salado does not have a regular job. As the Communication Manager of the non-profit Mujeres por África, her tasks go beyond having to keep up with the reporting of projects, receiving visitors, updating social media or covering news […]

Iberoamérica y Caribe
The stumps in the road to Latin American integration

Latin America is a developing region known for its multiculturalism and plurinational nature. A history based on inequalities, disorganized growth and unstable governments have led to different challenges for the society and democracy in general. Xavier Muñoz Aray is an expert on the region and he talks about these problems that Latin America has to […]

An Unstable Region of the World For a New Iraq

Mr. Auday Al-Saoudi is the Prime Secretary for political and economic issues of the Iraq Embassy in Madrid. The main reason which I interviewing him it is because I feel a great interest in the region of the Middle East but specially Iraq. A country that after the harsh dictatorship that all the iraqis lived, they are […]

Pacífico y Extremo Oriente
Japan Defence
Japan approves its largest defense budget in response to China’s strength

Last Wednesday, 4th of February, it was approved by the Japanese Government the largest defense budget in Japan’s history. The Japanese Government is going to spend 4,98 billion yen -36.000 million euros- in its defense budget, 2’98% more than last year. This would help Japan to reach position eighth of the world’s biggest defense spending country. This is […]

Ucrania, Rusia

La historia nos puede ayudar a comprender el temor que pueden sentir los dirigentes rusos ante una situación de debilidad exterior y de crisis económica y social internas, si observamos los desmoronamientos del régimen zarista y el comunismo ante la presión de la revolución bolchevique y la perestroika, y que coincidieron con los conflictos de […]

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